You are currently viewing Latest 18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today : Check out the latest prices.

Latest 18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today : Check out the latest prices.


Gold has always held a special place in India, especially in Kolkata, where its cultural and economic significance is profound. For those seeking to invest or buy jewelry, understanding the 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata today is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the factors affecting gold rates, the best places to buy gold in Kolkata, and essential tips for making informed decisions. Let’s dive in!

18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today:

Today, the 18 Carat Gold rate in Kolkata is Rs. 4,627.00/- per gram and Rs. 37,015.00/- per 8 grams.

Date18Ct / 1g18Ct / 4g18Ct / 8g18Ct / 10g
28-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,627.00Rs. 18,508.00Rs. 37,016.00Rs. 46,270.00
27-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,655.00Rs. 18,620.00Rs. 37,240.00Rs. 46,550.00
26-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,631.00Rs. 18,524.00Rs. 37,048.00Rs. 46,310.00
25-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,619.00Rs. 18,476.00Rs. 36,952.00Rs. 46,190.00
24-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,631.00Rs. 18,524.00Rs. 37,048.00Rs. 46,310.00
23-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,631.00Rs. 18,524.00Rs. 37,048.00Rs. 46,310.00
22-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,631.00Rs. 18,524.00Rs. 37,048.00Rs. 46,310.00
21-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,651.00Rs. 18,604.00Rs. 37,208.00Rs. 46,510.00
20-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,676.00Rs. 18,704.00Rs. 37,408.00Rs. 46,760.00
19-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,668.00Rs. 18,672.00Rs. 37,344.00Rs. 46,680.00
18-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,627.00Rs. 18,508.00Rs. 37,016.00Rs. 46,270.00
17-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,619.00Rs. 18,476.00Rs. 36,952.00Rs. 46,190.00
16-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,619.00Rs. 18,476.00Rs. 36,952.00Rs. 46,190.00
15-Jul-2023, AMRs. 4,619.00Rs. 18,476.00Rs. 36,952.00Rs. 46,190.00

18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today – What You Need to Know:

1. What is 18 Carat Gold?

18-carat gold is an alloy containing 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. It strikes a perfect balance between durability and purity, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

2. How is the 18 Carat Gold Rate Determined?

The 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata today is influenced by various factors, including international gold prices, the strength of the Indian rupee, supply and demand dynamics, and economic indicators.

3. Current 18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today:

To find the current 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata, you can refer to reputable financial websites, local jewelers, or the stock exchange.

4. Understanding Gold Rate Trends:

Gold rates are subject to fluctuations, and understanding the trends is essential. Keep track of historical data and analyze patterns to make informed decisions.

5. Factors Affecting Gold Rates:

a) International Gold Prices: Global trends play a significant role in determining local gold rates. Any fluctuations in international markets have a ripple effect on local prices.

b) Indian Rupee Exchange Rate: The strength of the Indian rupee against major currencies impacts gold rates, as gold is internationally priced in US dollars.

c) Inflation and Economic Indicators: Economic conditions and inflation rates influence gold prices. In times of economic uncertainty, gold often serves as a safe-haven investment.

6. Best Time to Buy 18 Carat Gold in Kolkata:

Timing can significantly affect your gold purchase. Experts suggest buying during festivals when jewelers offer discounts and promotions.

7. Where to Buy 18 Carat Gold in Kolkata?

a) Jewelry Stores: Kolkata boasts a plethora of renowned jewelry stores known for their exquisite craftsmanship and authenticity.

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b) Gold Souks and Markets: Explore places like Bowbazar and Burrabazar, which are famous for their diverse collection and competitive prices.

c) Online Retailers: With the advent of online shopping, many reliable e-commerce platforms offer certified 18-carat gold jewelry with attractive deals.

8. Tips for Buying 18-Carat Gold in Kolkata:

a) Research and Compare: Always research and compare prices from different sellers to ensure you get the best value for your money.

b) Certification: Insist on proper certification, such as BIS hallmark, to ensure the authenticity and purity of the gold.

c) Negotiation: Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price, especially at local stores and markets.

d) Check for Making Charges: Inquire about making charges and try to get them waived or minimized.

e) Hallmarking: Look for proper hallmarking on the jewelry, indicating its purity.

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9. Gold Investment Options:

a) Jewelry: While jewelry is a popular choice, keep in mind that it comes with making charges, which affect resale value.

b) Gold Coins and Bars: These are a convenient option for investment, as they can be easily bought and sold at prevailing rates.

c) Gold ETFs and Funds: For those looking to invest in gold without physical possession, Gold ETFs and mutual funds are viable options.

10. Impact of Taxes on Gold Purchases:

Be aware of the applicable taxes on gold purchases, including GST and local state taxes, as they affect the overall cost.

11. Selling 18 Carat Gold in Kolkata:

When selling gold, ensure you get it valued by multiple buyers to get the best price. Consider options like exchange schemes and online platforms.

12. Secure Storage of 18 Carat Gold:

If you own valuable gold jewelry or bars, invest in a secure and reliable storage solution to protect your assets.

13. Popular 18 Carat Gold Jewelry Designs:

Kolkata offers a rich array of traditional and contemporary gold jewelry designs. Explore popular styles, including filigree, Kundan, and temple jewelry.

14. Gold Loan Facilities in Kolkata:

If you need quick funds, you can opt for gold loans from various banks and financial institutions. Understand the terms and interest rates before proceeding.

15. Impact of Festivals on Gold Rates:

Gold rates often see a surge during festivals and auspicious occasions. Be mindful of these fluctuations when planning your purchase.

16. Importance of Hallmarking in Gold Jewelry:

Hallmarking is crucial as it assures the purity and authenticity of the gold. Always buy jewelry with proper hallmarking.

17. Economic and Cultural Significance of Gold in Kolkata:

Gold has deep-rooted economic and cultural importance in Kolkata. It is not just a metal but an integral part of celebrations and traditions.

18. Sustainable and Ethical Gold Sourcing:

Conscious consumers can opt for jewelry made from ethically sourced and sustainable gold.

19. Historical Perspective on Gold in Kolkata:

Explore the historical significance of gold in Kolkata and how it has been a part of the city’s heritage.

20. Navigating Market Volatility:

In times of market volatility, gold can provide stability and act as a hedge against economic uncertainties.

21. Impact of International Events on Gold Rates:

Global events such as geopolitical tensions and economic crises can influence gold rates worldwide.

22. Tips for Safe Online Gold Purchases:

When buying gold online, follow essential safety measures to protect yourself from fraudulent sellers.

23. Gold Gifting Traditions in Kolkata:

Gold gifting is a cherished tradition in Kolkata during weddings and festivals. Learn about the customs and significance.

24. 18 Carat Gold Rate in Kolkata Today – Stay Updated:

Always stay informed about the latest 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata today by following reliable financial news sources.

25. Conclusion:

The 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata today is a dynamic figure influenced by multiple factors. Whether you’re an investor or a jewelry enthusiast, understanding these nuances is crucial for making informed decisions. Stay updated with the latest trends and explore the vast array of gold options Kolkata has to offer. Remember, gold is not just an investment; it holds cultural and emotional significance in the City of Joy.


Q: What is the purity of 18 carat ?

A: The purity of 18-carat gold is 75%. It is an alloy composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals like silver, copper, or zinc. This mixture of metals enhances the durability and strength of the gold while retaining a significant gold content. The 18-carat gold is an ideal choice for jewelry as it strikes a balance between purity and resilience.

Q: How often do the 18-carat gold rates change in Kolkata?

A: The 18-carat gold rates in Kolkata are subject to frequent changes due to various factors that influence the gold market. Gold rates are sensitive to global economic conditions, geopolitical events, and currency fluctuations, among other factors. It is not uncommon for the rates to fluctuate multiple times within a single day. Staying updated with reliable financial news sources is essential to keep track of these changes and make well-informed decisions.

Q: Can I negotiate the price while buying 18-carat gold in Kolkata?

A: Yes, you can negotiate the price while buying 18-carat gold in Kolkata, especially at local jewelry stores and markets. Unlike fixed-price items, gold jewelry prices can often be subject to negotiation, allowing you to get the best value for your money. However, be respectful and polite during negotiations, and do research on prevailing market rates to have a reasonable starting point for your discussions.

Q: Is hallmarking important for 18-carat gold jewelry?

A: Yes, hallmarking is essential for 18-carat gold jewelry. It is a certification of purity and authenticity provided by recognized assay centers. Hallmarking ensures that the gold jewelry meets the specified standards of purity, as indicated by the caratage. When purchasing gold jewelry, always look for proper hallmarking, such as the BIS hallmark, to ensure the quality and genuineness of your purchase.

Q: What are the best investment options for 18-carat gold in Kolkata?

A: There are several investment options for 18-carat gold in Kolkata:

  1. Jewelry: Buying gold jewelry is a popular investment option, especially for personal use or as a gift. However, it is essential to consider making charges, which can affect the resale value.
  2. Gold Coins and Bars: Investing in gold coins or bars is a convenient option as they can be easily bought and sold at prevailing market rates. They also come with lower making charges compared to jewelry.
  3. Gold ETFs and Mutual Funds: For investors who prefer not to hold physical gold, Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and gold mutual funds offer exposure to gold prices without the need for storage.
  4. Gold Savings Schemes: Many banks and jewelers offer gold savings schemes, where you can deposit a fixed amount each month and receive gold at the end of the tenure at the prevailing rates.

Remember to assess your investment goals, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements before choosing the most suitable option for you.

Q: How can I ensure the safety of my online gold purchase?

A: Ensuring the safety of your online gold purchase is crucial to avoid falling victim to fraudulent sellers. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Reputable Sellers: Only buy from reputable and well-established online retailers with positive customer reviews and a secure payment gateway.
  2. Authentication: Verify the seller’s authenticity and certifications, such as BIS hallmark, which ensures the purity of the gold.
  3. Secure Payment: Use secure payment methods like credit cards or reputable payment gateways to protect your financial information.
  4. Return Policy: Check the seller’s return and exchange policy in case the product doesn’t meet your expectations.
  5. Secure Website: Ensure the website has a valid SSL certificate (look for “https” in the URL) to protect your personal information.
  6. Research: Research the prevailing gold rates and compare prices from different sellers to make an informed decision.

By following these precautions, you can have a safer and more satisfying online gold purchase experience.


Understanding the 18-carat gold rate in Kolkata today is essential for both investors and jewelry enthusiasts. With its cultural and economic significance, gold holds a special place in the City of Joy. Keep track of the dynamic gold market, consider various factors affecting gold rates, and make informed decisions based on your preferences and investment goals.

Whether you’re buying gold for auspicious occasions, as an investment, or as a cherished piece of jewelry, Kolkata offers a plethora of options to suit your needs. Remember to buy from reputable sellers, insist on proper hallmarking, and keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Gold’s allure transcends generations, and it continues to be cherished for its beauty, rarity, and enduring value. Embrace the tradition, heritage, and significance of gold in Kolkata, and may your journey with this precious metal be filled with prosperity and joy.

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